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Léa seydoux shared her character’s beauty, voice, intelligence and freedom. But what was decisive during our meeting was her take on society: she’s very much tuned in to the world around her. She possesses a real social awareness, she has a real engagement with the world, very similar to my own. Léa has a way of going through life fully aware of what’s happening. It’s also a way of accepting life’s vicissitudes. It has something to do with nomadism, wandering, and with melancholy. Léa is tinged with all this, with this way of going through the world.

From the Interview with Abdellatif Kechiche (via stuckinleaseydoux)


how does lionsgate think its okay to have over a minute of peeta and johanna spinning around like rotisserie chicken, and then only give us an under 2 minute trailer featuring 0.02 seconds of katniss

  • Beetee probably: If Finnick's death was written into Mockingjay by man, surely it can be unwritten.


When Coin was like “the games destroyed her” I was just like… “IF PEETA WAS THERE SHE WOULD BE SO MUCH BETTER!!!!!”

Losing Peeta destroyed her you stupid asshole.


ok, Idk if anyone noticed (I’m sure you did, I must be the one that just noticed) but you see this part of the teaser?

I saw all these people and thought “who are they? so many people…” then I saw in the background… the smoke.. Lake-town…

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